Let's Build Canada

Who We Are

We’re 500,000 strong – working to build a strong and fair Canada.

Let’s Build Canada is a coalition of Building Trade Construction Unions representing workers from thousands of communities, large and small, in every province and territory. We’re men and women of all ages and races, and from many different backgrounds. We’re electricians and painters, plumbers and ironworkers, bricklayers and crane operators. Whatever the job, one thing unites us all – the pride in the work we do to build Canada.

We’re coming together to give our members and Canadians the tools they need to learn how we can build a strong, fair Canada.

With one in every 14 Canadians working in the construction trades, we’re a key part of Canada's economy. The work we do represents 14% of the national GDP. Our industry supports more than 260,000 businesses, and we install, renovate and repair more than $150 billion in infrastructure every year.

For decades, unionized workers have led the way in building Canada's middle class. Our members have fought for workers' rights like wages, benefits and pensions that benefit all Canadians, not just union members. In construction, where jobs come and go, and work is often dangerous, these rights are more important than ever.

Our Coalition has an exciting plan to build Canada – it calls for the federal government to invest in infrastructure, create apprenticeships, and address income inequality. We’ll be sharing our messages with Canadians, just like you. Help us spread the word – and Let's Build Canada together!

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