Let's Build Canada


Building a better Canada starts... with building.

Statistics Canada estimates that our nation could be home to as many as 63.5 million people in 50 years – up from about 35 million today. We need to build the right infrastructure to support our growing population.

Canada's investment in infrastructure has been on a downward slide since the late 1950s, peaking again only after the 2009 recession. In 1955, the federal government accounted for one third of infrastructure funding. By the new millennium, its share shrunk to just 13%. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives calls underinvestment in our infrastructure "a chronic problem in Canada." We see this problem every day in thousands of us wasting more and more time in traffic jams on our ailing highways and roads.

We want to work with the government in building our infrastructure, which will create jobs and strengthen our economy.

Together, we can get the job done.

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