Let's Build Canada

Creating Good Jobs

Apprenticeships are pathways to good-paying careers.

Within the next five years, as Canadians grow older and our need for new infrastructure increases, an estimated 320,000 new skilled construction workers will be needed to keep pace. That's why it's so important to ensure young Canadians have the opportunities to learn a trade that will lead to a good-paying career. Skilled construction trades make up the largest single group of apprentices of all industries in Canada. And it works best in a union setting; in fact, our apprentices are 30% more likely to complete their training than non-union ones.

By building partnerships between organized labour, industry and government, we can work together to strengthen apprenticeship programs from coast to coast. With these partnerships, business owners will have the skilled workers they need, contractors will have a highly skilled and productive workforce, and workers will be well-trained for the jobs at hand.

Preparing young Canadians for good jobs builds a better future for everyone.

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