Let's Build Canada

Working for Fairness

When workers stand together for what's fair, everyone wins.

Decades ago, Canada's unionized workers stood together and fought for fairness in the workplace. They won many of the rights workers benefit from today: fair wages, safer workplaces, job training, and paid vacation. They didn't do it just for unionized workers – we’re still fighting for an economy that is fair for all Canadians.

Income inequality is on the rise across Canada. In 2013, the top 100 CEOs in Canada took home 195 times more than the average Canadian worker. Since 2008, those top CEOs saw their pay increase by 98%, while wages for workers grew by just 7%. And wage gaps still exist for women and visible minorities.

Good jobs mean a better quality of life for all Canadians. Fair wages and good benefits mean workers feel more secure in their jobs; and when they do, they spend their earnings, and businesses benefit.

Together, we can build a country that works for all Canadians.

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