Let's Build Canada

Let's Build Canada Goes Live!

Posted Jul 8th, 2015 in News

A coalition of Building Trade Construction Unions, Let’s Build Canada, is proud to announce that our website LetsBuildCanada.ca is now live.

We are 500,000 strong, coming together to elect a worker-friendly federal government, and to give our members – and all Canadians – the tools they need to make an informed decision when casting their ballot in this October’s federal election.

With one in every fourteen Canadians working in the construction trades, and every building job leading to seven spin-off jobs, we’re a key part of Canada's economy. Our industry supports more than 260,000 businesses; and we install, renovate and repair more than $150 billion in infrastructure every year. Let’s Build Canada has an exciting plan to continue to build our country – it calls for the federal government to increase investment in our country’s aging infrastructure, create good jobs, and address income inequality – and we’ll be actively engaged in the upcoming election, asking all political parties to endorse this plan.

LetsBuildCanada.ca provides information on What We Stand For and Where the Parties Stand on these issues as well as relevant news on the election. The site also gives users interesting facts and messages about our campaign as “tools” that they can share via Facebook and Twitter to connect with the community we are building.

For more information on Let’s Build Canada,
visit LetsBuildCanada.ca or email us at

For media requests please contact:
Christopher Holcroft
Principal, Empower Consulting
Media Relations, Let’s Build Canada