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Let’s Build Canada Campaign Bulletin – October 5, 2015

Posted Oct 5th, 2015 in News

Two weeks to go to Election Day – two weeks to start building a strong and fair Canada!

The fall weather is bringing cooler temperatures but with two weeks to go in the federal election the political rhetoric is heating up. It can be difficult to focus on the important issues in a long election campaign but we believe investing in infrastructure, reducing income inequality, and creating new apprenticeships are all critical concerns for Canadians. The Let’s Build Canada campaign has reviewed the platforms for the Conservative, Green, Liberal, and New Democratic parties on these subjects and provided the highlights. Check out our promise tracker here: http://www.letsbuildcanada.ca/site/promise-tracker. Please review closely so you can make an informed decision when voting.

The polls continue to show a very close election – every vote counts. In the 2011 federal election, 22 ridings were decided by less than 2% of the vote. Election Day is October 19th. You can find out more information on your local candidates and other voting details on the Elections Canada website at www.elections.ca. You can avoid line-ups on Election Day by voting in an advance poll beginning October 9th. For more information please visit www.elections.ca.

The Let’s Build Canada advertising campaign is up and running with ads in various community newspapers in both the Greater Toronto Area and Edmonton, hoarding posters in the cities of Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Edmonton and digital ads running on websites across the country. Check them out and help us spread the word of our progressive platform to build a strong and fair Canada.

Did you know?

Canada has a $145 billion infrastructure deficit. The federal government needs to increase investments in roads, bridges, transit, water pipes, and other infrastructure that is so important for our communities.

Tweet of the Week

The Tweet of the Week is –

Enough of divisive politics; parties should focus on creating good jobs & reducing income inequality. www.letsbuildcanada.ca #elxn42 #canlab

Please share this tweet along with your own election messages about how we can build a fair and strong Canada.

Articles of interest

Lingering issues delay Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal – http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trans-pacific-partnership-near-deal-1.3256151

Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair battle each other as Stephen Harper pulls ahead – http://www.thestar.com/news/federal-election/2015/10/01/justin-trudeau-and-tom-mulcair-battle-each-other-as-stephen-harper-pulls-ahead-walkom.html

Latest polls

Nanos: Libs – 35.3%, Cons – 31%, NDP – 24.3%
EKOS: Cons – 33.4%, Libs – 26.7%, NDP – 25.6%

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