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Let’s Build Canada Campaign Bulletin – October 15, 2015

Posted Oct 15th, 2015 in News

Less than a week to go until we start to build a strong and fair Canada!

Elections Canada is reporting a 71% increase in voter turnout at the Advance Polls. This is very encouraging! Yet the real test comes next Monday, October 19th. You can find out more information on your local candidates and other voting details on the Elections Canada website at www.elections.ca.

We have all seen the attack ads and heard the divisive rhetoric. The Let’s Build Canada campaign is staying positive. We have an exciting plan to build a country where all Canadians succeed. This plan focuses on three important issues: investing in infrastructure, reducing income inequality, and creating new apprenticeships. Please continue to help us spread the word of our progressive platform to build a strong and fair Canada.

Let’s remember what this campaign is about. It’s about voting to make our country better for our families and communities, for workers like you. Below are some of the ads Let’s Build Canada has run across the country.

Did you know?

1 in 7 children live in poverty. In a wealthy country like Canada, this is unacceptable. It is time to make a serious effort to reduce income inequality.

Tweet of the Week

The Tweet of the Week is –

Sound fair to you? In 2014 Canada’s top 100 CEO’s earned 195 times more than the average Canadian worker. www.letsbuildcanada.ca #elxn42

Please share this tweet along with your own election messages about how we can build a fair and strong Canada.

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Latest polls

Nanos: Libs – 37.1%, Cons – 29.4%, NDP – 23.7%
EKOS: Libs – 34.1%, Cons – 29.9%, NDP – 24.1%

Join us!

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Thank you and please continue to support the Let’s Build Canada campaign!