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Let’s Build Canada Campaign Bulletin – October 19, 2015

Posted Oct 19th, 2015 in News

Vote today to build a strong and fair Canada!

After what seemed like an eternity, Election Day is finally here. This is an important day for another reason too.  The Toronto Blue Jays play game three of their American League Championship Series tonight against the Kansas City Royals. Before cheering on the Jays, let’s #cometogether and vote to build a strong a fair Canada.  After you do, please take a voting selfie and post it to our Facebook page, as well as to Twitter using the hashtag #LetsBuildCanada. Remember, you can find out more information on your local candidates and other voting details on the Elections Canada website at www.elections.ca

If you are still undecided, please check out our website where we describe our campaign’s key policy objectives and list the parties’ platform positions – http://www.letsbuildcanada.ca/site/what-we-stand-for.

This election includes many close races and your vote matters. Consider, in the 2011 Federal Election there were ten ridings decided by less than 1,000 votes, 22 ridings that were won by less than 2% of the vote, with 42 ridings won by less than 5%.The men and women in the construction trades have a chance to make a difference today – let’s do it!

Did you know?

The federal government used to contribute 33% of all public infrastructure funding. Today it is 13%. We need our federal government to invest in building the country, not sit on the sidelines.

Election Day Tweet

Our special Election Day Tweet is –

We have a big to do list today! Let’s get it done! #elxn42 

Please share this tweet along with your own election messages about how we can build a fair and strong Canada.

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Nanos: Libs – 39.1%, Cons – 30.5%, NDP – 19.7%
EKOS: Libs – 35.8%, Cons – 31.9%, NDP – 20.4%

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