Let's Build Canada

We Are 500,000 Strong!

We are workers, working together to build a stronger, better Canada.

One out of every 14 Canadians works in the building trades. More than a million Canadians from coast to coast have jobs in construction trades and professions.

Representing a coalition of trade unions in 60 skilled trades, Canada's Building Trades Unions works to keep the nation's construction industry safe, high-paying and fair. We're 500,000 strong, and we're building a better Canada for all working Canadians.

Construction is Canada's largest private sector industry, and its impact on the economy is immense. The construction industry supports more than 260,000 businesses all across Canada. Construction trade workers install, renovate and repair more than $150 billion in infrastructure every year. Overall, construction counts for 14% of Canada's gross domestic product. And the demand for skilled trade workers remains high.

For decades, unionized workers have led the way in building Canada's middle class. Our members have fought for workers' rights like wages, benefits and pensions that benefit all Canadians, not just union workers. In construction, where jobs come and go and work is often dangerous, those rights are more important than ever.

Together, we can work towards a better Canada.

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