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Let's Build Good Jobs.

Canada will need 300,000 new construction workers over the next decade.

Canada is growing, but as demand for new building continues to grow and our population continues to age, the rate of retirements in Canada’s construction workforce is expected to significantly outstrip the number of new recruits. But that’s just part of the challenge. By 2030, all 9.2 million of Canada’s baby boomers will reach retirement age.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure young Canadians have the opportunity to learn a trade that will lead to a good-paying career. Skilled construction trades include one of the largest groups of apprentices in Canada. In fact, apprentices in a unionized setting are 30% more likely to complete their training than those outside a union.

By building partnerships between labour, industry and government, we can continue to strengthen apprenticeship and training programs from coast to coast.

Progress has been made since 2015 in strengthening training programs and supporting the rights of workers. Let’s work together to protect the progress we’ve made and continue to move forward to build Canada.

Let's Build Pathways to Good Jobs!

In 2016, Canada ranked 16th among OECD countries in funding for training, education and labour markets. We can do more to fund job training and apprenticeships.

The foundation of Canada’s future is built on good jobs – the kind of jobs you can raise a family on. Canadians deserve careers that can support the kind of life we all want to lead.

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