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Working to Build

the Canada of Tomorrow.

Let’s Build Canada is a coalition of building trade and construction unions representing workers from thousands of communities, large and small, in every province and territory. We’re Canadians of all ages, races, faiths and genders. We’re electricians, plumbers, ironworkers, bricklayers and builders of all stripes. No matter where we come from, one thing unites us all:

We’re proud to do our part in building the Canada of tomorrow.

Nearly 1.5 million Canadians were part of the national construction workforce as of 2019. The construction sector accounted for a $140 billion slice of Canada’s gross domestic product as of the summer of 2019 - about 7% of Canada’s overall GDP.

With hundreds of thousands of Canadians active in the construction trades, we’re an important part of Canada’s economy, supporting thousands of businesses and installing, renovating and repairing billions of dollars in infrastructure every year.

For decades, unionized workers have led the way in building Canada’s middle class. Our members have fought for workers’ rights like good wages, benefits and pensions that benefit all Canadians, not just union members.

Now, with inequality on the rise and the impacts of climate change disproportionately threatening lower-income communities, these rights are more important than ever.

That’s why our coalition has come together with a plan to build Canada for the future.

We’re calling on the federal government to meet our commitments to fight climate change by building modern, resilient infrastructure that can withstand the impacts of extreme weather and climatic events. By doing so, we can create millions of good-paying jobs – jobs that can build the middle class and build a Canada we can be proud of for generations to come.

Canada’s climate is warming twice as fast as the global average. That’s why we’re coming together to call on Canada’s future leaders to build the infrastructure we need to confront climate change. And it’s why we’re calling on our future leaders to build a fairer, more equal economy - an economy that works for Canadian workers.

Together, we’re building a greener, fairer, more resilient Canada – and we need your help.

Every vote counts! In the last federal election, 23 ridings were decided by less than 1,000 votes, and four were decided by less than 100.

Every vote counts!
This election is too important for Canadians to sit on the sidelines.

We must act now. We can fight climate change by building the economy of tomorrow. In fact, meeting Canada’s climate goals could generate over 3.3 million direct building jobs and 17 million total direct and indirect jobs.

Let's Build

Leadership for the Future.

for the Next Generation.


This election is too important for you to stay home.